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🎉Re:Earth v0.4.0 has been released!

· 2 min read
Basel Issmail

New Features

  • Add "clamp to ground" option to file tool


    Adds the ability to attach the layer to the ground (keeps layer on top of the map even with terrain enabled) using the “clamp to ground” option.

    Developed by: @Hidemichi Baba

  • Infobox padding


    Users are now able to add padding for the infobox, which surrounds infobox’s contents, also users can add padding for text block contents.

    Developed by: @Maher Alhamoui
    Designed by: @Red

  • Support tags in plugin API

    A plugin API has been extended to get layer tags fields from the plugin side, get tags of the scene, get the tags of a layer, find layers by tag ID, and find layers by tag labels.

    Note: developer documentation for the plugin is under development.

    Developed by: @rot 1024

Bug Fixes

  • Support selecting blocks of plugins by clicking.

    Developed by: @rot 1024

  • Cesium Ion access token is not set expectedly.

    Developed by: @rot 1024

  • Cluster issues.

    Bugs that pixel range and minimum cluster size weren’t working as expected, and clusters and layers are not displayed correctly. Also improved cluster performance.

    Developed by: @Basel Issmail @rot 1024

  • The style of infobox block dropdown list is broken.

    Developed by: @Basel Issmail

  • Plugin blocks protrude from the infobox.

    Developed by: @rot 1024


  • From this release, we plan to release a new version of Re:Earth periodically, once a month.