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🎉Re:Earth v0.10.0 has been released!

· One min read

New Features

  • Add mouse events to plugin API


    This feature extends plugin API events with multiple mouse events: reearth.on("click", e => { console.log(e.x, e.y); }) For details, check the plugin API type definitions.

    Developed by: Shaun
    Designed by: Shaun
    Special thanks: Kyle Waite, rot 1024

Bug Fixes

  • fix: plugin widget's width using iframe's default

    Developed by: Kyle Waite

  • fix: Pointer events issues around widgets

    Fixed not being able to scroll beside smaller widgets when a bigger widget is in the same GridArea. Being able to use widgets (ie. click on buttons) while in WAS editor mode. If you can resize, the overlay disappeared, and then you could use the widget. Now, no pointerEvents happen inside Widgets when in WAS editor mode.

    Developed by: Kyle Waite


  • Migrate to Vite, upgrade Cypress to v10

    Developed by: rot 1024