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🎉Re:Earth v0.11.0 has been released!

· 2 min read

New Features

  • 3D OSM building tiles


    OSM Buildings is a 3D buildings layer covering the entire world. It's available as a 3D Tileset on Cesium.
    We modified Re:Earth back end in a way that allows the user to add OSM building 3d Tileset as a layer in his project by providing him with an interface to choose which tiles to show on the map.

    Developed by: nour Al Ali
    Designed by: Red
    Special thanks: Kyle Waite, rot 1024

  • Builtin timeline widget


    We build a built-in timeline widget in Re:Earth. This widget has a simpler UI and it can also be applied to the align system.

    Developed by: Keiya Sasaki
    Designed by: Red
    Special thanks: Kyle Waite, rot 1024

  • Extend plugin API to capture a screen


    This feature enables the plugin to get the image of the map as a data.

    Developed by: Shaun
    Designed by: Shaun
    Special thanks: Kyle Waite, rot 1024

  • Add overlay warning to the Earth editor if the browser width is too narrow


    When the browser comes smaller than 900px wide, it will be quite difficult to use Re:Earth editor page. We recommend using a large browser size for a better experience. So we add an overlay warning to avoid the error happening. Note that this feature does not work on published projects and can continue to be viewed on smartphones.

    Developed by: Kyle Waite
    Designed by: Red


  • Small update to dashboard UI/UX and add marketplace button

    Developed by: Kyle Waite

Bug Fixes

  • Project creation not creating a scene before earth editor becomes accessible

    Developed by: Kyle Waite

  • Device settings menu icon getting squished

    Developed by: Kyle Waite


  • Update Cesium to v1.96

    Developed by: rot 1024