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Re:Earth/CMS Backend Engineer

Job Description

  • Backend (server-side) development of OSS products using Go.
  • You will be working on the implementation based on the requirements from the product owner.
  • Depending on your skills and interests, you can also work as a reviewer for code reviews, DevOps, QA, building cloud infrastructure, front-end development, etc.


  • 1+ years of experience in server-side web application development (use of Git and GitHub is a prerequisite).
  • Basic knowledge of HTTP, database, authentication authorization, and security.
  • English reading and writing (Development will be done by a multinational team, so you will communicate in English).

Welcome Skills

  • Knowledge and experience in design such as UML, DDD, clean architecture, etc.
  • Knowledge and experience of CI/CD, container technology, micro-services, serverless, OAuth2/OpenID Connect, etc.
  • Excellent communication skills in English.
  • Experience as an OSS contributor and committer.
  • Experience with data processing and databases related to maps and GIS.
  • Experience implementing data structures and algorithms (including competition programming).
  • Experience with GraphQL, WebAssembly, and/or Rust.
  • Experience in customer negotiation, requirements definition, and project development progress as a project manager.


  • Challenging development experience through a highly productive front-end environment using React, TypeScript and GraphQL, as well as robust and scalable server-side development using Go, GCP, clean architecture and DDD design methods.
  • As an engineer, you will be able to do highly technical and challenging work in a more visible way in an OSS-centric business model that is still rare in Japan. (e.g., specifying the developer's name in the release notes