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Re:Earth Flow Backend Engineer


Re:Earth can visualize data, and we are planning to develop a new OSS, Re:Earth Flow, which is responsible for data transformation. We are looking for engineers who want to be involved in the new product.

In the next year, there are plans to develop an OSS version of FME with the goal of being able to convert from CityGML to 3D Tiles.

This is a new development, and depending on your skills, you may be able to be involved from the design of the architecture. Currently, we plan to use Rust or Go as the foundation and build on GCP, and we are also considering a system that allows users to install plug-ins and perform calculations using WebAssembly.

Job Description

  • Development of Re:Earth Flow
  • In some cases, we may ask you to be the PO or Scrum Master for the Re:Earth Flow team


  • Experience with Rust or Go: No practical experience with Rust or Go itself is required, but you must have learned Rust or Go and be able to implement it to some extent.
  • Work experience in a language other than Rust or Go
  • Knowledge and experience in basic computer science (data structures, algorithms, concurrency, etc.) and performance optimization
  • Interest in and willingness to learn about GIS, maps, and low-layer fields

Welcome Skills

  • Experience in building and operating systems using cloud infrastructure (GCP, AWS, etc.)
  • Experience in designing system architecture
  • Knowledge and experience in developing web applications and libraries using WebAssembly
  • Knowledge of basic theory (rendering pipeline, shaders, lighting, materials, post-processing) and mathematics (linear transformations, etc.) related to 3D graphics
  • Basic knowledge of GIS (geodesy, geoid models, ellipsoids, tiles, raster, vectors, various data formats, etc.)
  • Experience in developing and publishing OSS libraries, tools, etc.