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Graphics Engineer


WebGIS engines are libraries that enable 3D map representation on the Web, for example, Cesium, Mapbox GL JS, MapLibre GL JS, etc.

Eukarya aims to develop a new OSS "headless" 3D map engine optimized for 3D city models. While aiming for both beautiful rendering quality and fast operation, the core is implemented in Rust/WebAssembly to facilitate multi-platform compatibility, and the design is unique in that the rendering engine is replaceable. For more information, see technical articles and reports (Japanese).

We are looking for engineers to be involved in the development of this next-generation map engine, especially around graphics.

Job Description

  • Development of map engine using Rust, WebAssembly, WebGL and WebGPU
  • Development of shaders related to the above


  • Knowledge of graphics APIs such as WebGL, OpenGL, DirectX, etc.
  • Experience with either C/C++ or Rust in the workplace
  • Experience with shader development in GLSL, HLSL, etc.
  • Knowledge of general computer graphics, GPUs, and linear algebra

Welcome Skills

  • Knowledge of the latest computer graphics trends
  • Knowledge of the latest 3D graphics APIs such as WebGPU, Vulkan, Metal, etc.
  • Knowledge of physics-based rendering, optics, and ray tracing
  • Experience in consumer game development
  • Knowledge and experience with WebAssembly and web front-end development (JavaScript and TypeScript)
  • Basic knowledge of GIS (geodesy, geoid models, tiles, raster, vectors, etc.)