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Project Management Office


Eukarya is working to solve client business issues through Re:Earth and related products. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's Project PLATEAU is an extremely complex project that involves multiple PMs working in parallel. In such a project, it is very important to organize the traffic of stakeholders, including multiple internal and external PMs. The resource impact is also significant for other Eukarya projects.

Job Description


  • Understanding and coordinating project structure, resources, and goals
  • Establish schedule based on resource planning


  • Internal and external resource management (budget, personnel, information, etc.)
  • Customer negotiation
  • Liaison with stakeholders


  • Compilation of deliverables
  • Preparation of delivery documents, etc.
  • Payment management

Operation Establishment of medium- to long-term resource operation system

  • Establishment of medium- to long-term resource operation system
  • Establishment of medium- to long-term maintenance and operation system
  • Establishment of operation system (collaboration with operation support members)


  • Education and training of PM personnel
  • Standardization of PM-related work - systemization, etc.



  • Experience in IT (especially software) as a PM or engineer: 3 years or more
  • Experience in a series of system development and operation, from requirement definition to operation and maintenance: 1 year or more
  • Experience managing a team of 5 or more people
  • Must be a native Japanese speaker
  • Native Japanese speaker, comfortable communicating in English (not necessarily fluent in English, but welcome if you are willing to boldly communicate with foreign members)

Welcome Skills


  • At least 1 year of experience in management and negotiation with internal and external stakeholders
  • Experience in developing and operating internal systems and flows from scratch: 1 year or more
  • Business experience in foreign languages (English, etc.)
  • Experience working as a PM for government or municipal projects
  • Experience working for a start-up company: 2 years or more
  • Experience managing government clients
  • Experience in projects that require a sense of balance combining in-house products and client work


  • English language skills
  • Knowledge of GIS
  • Knowledge of web development
  • Knowledge of business improvement

What We're Looking For

  • Able to organize and simplify complex matters, and to work tenaciously on logical thinking, formality, and concrete actions.
  • Able to communicate quickly and appropriately
  • Able to analyze issues and communicate them clearly to clients and others.
  • Able to understand startup strategies and Eukarya's current position and work together to create them.
  • Able to think and act on one's own without waiting for instructions, to make proposals, and not to leave things to be done.
  • Able to say what you mean and do what you say, and be honest.
  • Have good business manners in both English and Japanese.

Highlights of Position

  • Discretionary management experience in project management of huge national projects
  • Experience in designing various systems for organization and resource management as a PMO
  • Experience in managing a diverse team including foreign team members
  • Experience in standardizing and streamlining work (especially in the PM position and human resources), as well as in development and training