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Project Manager


Eukarya is working to solve client business issues through Re:Earth and related products. Currently, Eukarya has clients in diverse industries and sizes, including local governments and educational institutions. Due to the increase in the number of clients, Eukarya is looking for a project manager who will be responsible for the planning, progress, and delivery of projects through the company's products.

Job Description


  • Define development requirements for development projects
  • Schedule development
  • Compilation of contract documents


  • Negotiate with customers
  • Preparation of minutes
  • Liaison with stakeholders
  • Resource management (budget, personnel, information, etc.)


  • Compilation of deliverables
  • Payment management


  • Establish operational structure (in collaboration with operational support members)
  • Establishment of operational structure (collaboration with operational support members)
  • Establishment of mid- to long-term maintenance and operation system


  • Workshop design
  • Consideration of new proposal materials


  • At least 1 year experience as a project manager in client work
  • Native Japanese speaker
  • Comfortable communicating in English (not necessarily fluent, but welcome if you are willing to boldly communicate with non-Japanese members of the team)

Welcome Skills


  • Experience in management of government clients
  • Management experience in a start-up company
  • Experience in projects that require a sense of balance between in-house products and client work
  • Experience in team building such as assigning and reviewing team members
  • Experience in managing a diverse group of people
  • Experience in planning and implementing citizen participation workshops, etc.


  • English language skills
  • Knowledge of GIS
  • Knowledge of web development
  • Knowledge of business improvement

The kind of person we are looking for

  • A person who can act proactively
  • A person who can look at things from a bird's eye view and think about what needs to be done now.
  • A person who can respect the opinions of diverse people and act accordingly
  • A person who can make concrete and valuable proposals to clients.
  • People who are willing to learn even from clients in areas or types of work they have never done before.

Highlights of Position

  • Discretionary management that only a startup project manager can provide.
  • Experience in managing the entire project process from planning to delivery as only a small team can
  • Experience in managing a diverse team including foreign team members