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Senior Engineer (Tech Lead, OSS Committer)

Job Description

  • Lead the development of OSS products as a code owner of new OSS products. As a full-stack engineer, you will work on both front-end (React, TypeScript) and back-end (Go).

  • Interact with clients, product owners, and project managers to analyze requirements, define requirements, and design and implement tasks.

  • Conduct code reviews and pair programming with engineers in the team to maintain quality and maintainability of the code and share knowledge.

  • Introduce useful technologies, libraries, and tools in a timely manner to improve development efficiency and quality.

  • Take charge of implementation of technically difficult parts such as algorithms and performance tuning. (Occasionally develop OSS libraries as needed)

  • Depending on your skills and interests, you can also work on cloud infrastructure construction management, DevOps, QA, etc.


  • At least 2 years of working experience.

  • Experience and skills in designing, developing, and operating web systems that are actually used by customers from scratch.

  • Development experience using either React+TypeScript or Go, or both (if you don't have experience with one of them, you will be required to learn it on the job).

  • Experience designing and building infrastructure in the cloud (AWS, GCP, etc).

  • Basic knowledge of HTTP, database, authentication and authorization, security, CI/CD and container technology.

  • Ability to catch up with the latest technologies, OSS and trends.

  • Ability to read and write English (since development is done by a multinational team, you will communicate in English).

Welcome Skills

  • Experience in leading a development team as a lead engineer.

  • Experience as an OSS contributor/committer.

  • Excellent communication skills in English.

  • Experience with data processing and databases related to maps and GIS. Experience implementing data structures and algorithms with performance in mind (including competition programming).

  • Experience developing and operating server-less applications and micro-services.

  • Experience with GraphQL, WebAssembly, and/or Rust.

  • Experience in unit test maintenance, CI/CD setup, and E2E test automation as a QA engineer.

  • Experience in customer negotiation, requirements defining, and/or project development progress as a PM.


  • Challenging development experience through a highly productive front-end environment using React, TypeScript and GraphQL, as well as robust and scalable server-side development using Go, GCP, clean architecture and DDD design methods.

  • As an engineer, you will be able to do highly technical and challenging work in a more visible way in an OSS-centric business model that is still rare in Japan. (e.g., specifying the developer's name in the release notes)