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Re:Earth SRE Engineer


Eukarya continues to expand its business scale rapidly, operating various SaaS services including Re:Earth, which are currently managed almost entirely by the CTO alone. In order to continue to provide these services in a stable manner, we are reaching the limit of what one person can do.

Therefore, we are looking for an SRE engineer to join our SRE team and provide cross-functional support to each product team in order to build a good service infrastructure.

Job Description

The SRE Engineer will be responsible for a wide range of tasks related to cloud infrastructure in order to provide stable and reliable services.

  • Foster SRE and DevOps culture within the company
  • Design, build, monitor, and troubleshoot cloud infrastructure to ensure stable operation of Re:Earth and other services
  • Maintenance and improvement of CI/CD, distributed tracing, SLI measurement, log analysis, etc.
  • Development of cross-team technologies such as server applications and security
  • Performance analysis and improvement of applications, databases, etc.
  • SRE support for various product teams
  • Automation of QA testing.


  • Experience in design, development and operation of systems using Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Experience in design, development, and operation of server applications and business tools in Go, Java, etc.
  • Experience building and operating CI/CD pipelines such as GitHub Actions and CircleCI
  • Experience in operating DBMS such as Relational DB and MongoDB

Welcome Skills

  • Understanding of Site Reliability Engineering principles and philosophy, and ability to lead in fostering SRE and DevOps culture in the company.
  • Experience in designing, developing, and operating systems using AWS, GCP (Cloud Run), and Azure
  • Experience in infrastructure operations using MongoDB (MongoDB Atlas)
  • Experience in operating systems using container technologies such as Docker, Infrastructure as Code such zas Kubernetes, Terraform, and Service Mesh
  • Experience with GitHub Actions
  • Experience with serverless applications, microservices, and CDN operations
  • Experience in performance tuning (identifying bottlenecks)
  • Knowledge of low-level programming such as algorithms, data structures, OS, memory models, etc.
  • Experience as a QA engineer in quality assurance, including QA test automation