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UI/UX Designer

Job Description

  • UI/UX design of new OSS products
  • Communicate with product managers and engineers and participate in decision making
  • Tools used
    • Figma / adobe etc.


  • At least 2 years of experience in application or web UI/UX design
  • Working experience with tools necessary for development such as Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, etc.
  • Working experience with design systems
  • Communication in English(If you can read and write, you'll be fine, even if you're not fluent.)

*Please attach a portfolio to your application that shows the process of the projects you have been involved in, your role and output.

Welcome Skills

  • Experience in front-end development
  • Knowledge of web technologies to incorporate into optimal design based on specification and design discussions with engineers
  • Experience in operating and building design systems
  • Experience working in a team structure with diverse backgrounds, including languages and cultures.
  • Experience in running your own personal website, blog, etc.

Highlights of Position

  • Valuable experience during the product growth period, such as creating a mechanism to move development forward in a fluid organizational structure as the engineering team expands.
  • International development team with more than half of the members being foreign nationals, enabling development with a wide variety of members.
  • There are many tasks unique to OSS development that are not performed in ordinary product development, such as planning and executing measures to expand the product Development Team