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🎉Re:Earth v0.6.1 has been released!

· One min read
Basel Issmail

Bug Fixes

  • Members section and new member button disappear after creating workspace from setting

    Developed by: @Nour Al Ali

  • Redirect after ESC button in any setting page

    Developed by: @Nour Al Ali

  • Downloaded file from plugin editor would only have partial code

    Developed by: @Kyle Waite

  • Add a unique icon to the asset modal and asset settings to indicate unsupported files

    Developed by: @Kyle Waite

  • Widget align system editor breaking components by not wrapping

    Developed by: @Kyle Waite

  • JWT could not be validated correctly

    Developed by: @rot 1024


  • Upgraded dependencies

    Go has been upgraded to v1.18

    Developed by: @Yasser Ka