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  • Employer: Eukarya Inc.

  • Employment status: Negotiable (full-time employee, contract employee, outsourcing, etc.)

  • Remuneration: Preferable according to skills, experience and ability. To be decided after consultation. (Guideline: Annual salary for full-time employees: 4.8 million yen and up)

  • Work location: Remote work is possible, so any country is OK. Office: Shibuya, Tokyo *You may be required to go to the office or other locations depending on business instructions.

  • Working hours: Full-time, 10:00-19:00, including a 1-hour lunch break, for a total of 8 hours of work (shorter hours, time zone adjustments, etc. are available upon request).

  • Once a month, employees can take an input day (a day for learning about their own professional specialty, such as reading or viewing an exhibition).

  • Annual holidays: Two days off per week. National holidays, year-end and New Year vacations, summer vacation, congratulation or condolence leave, etc.

  • Benefits: Full social insurance, defined contribution pension plan (401k), remote work assistance, subsidies for purchasing books and equipment, gender-neutral maternity and paternity leave system, maternity gift money, etc.

Front-end stack used in Re:Earth

  • React
  • TypeScript
  • GraphQL
  • WebGL (using the 3D mapping engine Cesium)
  • WebAssembly (e.g. plug-in execution)

Back-end stack used in Re:Earth

  • Go(DDD・Clean Architecture)
  • GraphQL
  • MongoDB
  • OpenID Connect (Re:Earth’s SaaS environment uses Auth0)
  • GCP (Cloud Run, GCS, PubSub, etc.)
  • *Our SaaS is operated on GCP, but as it is OSS, we aim to make it possible to deploy in a variety of environments, including AWS, without limiting it to GCP.

Main development to be involved in

You will mainly be involved in the development of the following OSS repos as a committer:

Casual Interview

Casual interviews are also available! You’d have a chance to learn about Eukarya and what we are up to without officially interviewing for any position. If you wish to have a casual interview, please select 'Casual Interviews' in the 'Positions' section of the form that appears when you press the “Apply” button.

(You don't need to attach your CV/resume.)

Hiring Flow

  1. Application Screening: Please click on the "Apply" button on this page to submit your application.
  2. You do not need to send your resume if you apply through a recruiting service. First round interview: to be conducted via Zoom.
  3. Coding test: We may conduct a coding test of about 5-10 days to check your practical implementation skills. (We will pay you regardless of whether you are selected or not.)
  4. Final interview: to be conducted via Zoom.

About us


Eukarya aims to create a cultural and prosperous future by storing and utilizing all the data in the world.

With our unprecedented advanced data system, we hope to scoop up and visualize diverse memories and records that cannot be handled by existing services and create new values and connections.

About Re:Earth

Re:Earth is an OSS next-generation general-purpose WebGIS platform with high scalability and intuitive operation UI, and is the first WebGIS with a plug-in system that runs on a browser.

Re:Earth is also available as OSS.

We aim to provide and disseminate the value we create with our contributors to society at large, and we have presented our activities at global conferences such as FOSS4G.

We are currently looking for excellent engineers to work with us as the demand for Re:Earth and the scale of our projects are expanding rapidly.

About Re:EarthCMS

  • *Flexible data structure definition
  • *Fine-grained data version control
  • *Data publishing and integration with external applications to enable integration with user-specific systems and existing services

Re:EarthCMS is currently being conceived to realize the above requirements.

Up to now, Re:Earth has been pursuing "richer and easier expression of users' data".

On the other hand, from the many experiences we have gained in the process, new problems have come to light.

In the first place, for many users, it is very difficult to maintain, organize, and manage a wide variety of data, which is a preliminary step to data representation and visualization.

This is the problem.

The development of Re:Earth CMS was started to solve this problem.

The goal of Re:Earth CMS is to become a general-purpose data management system that can manage all types of data and cooperate with users' existing systems.

Development Team

The development team consists of members from Syria, USA, Canada, China, and Japan. Communication among the development team is mainly in English. (Internal communication is mainly in English and each person's native language).

We work together while recognizing and respecting each other's diverse aspects and differences, not only in nationality or position, but also as individuals.

We value the balance between flexibility and autonomy in a highly fluid and independent environment unique to a venture company.

Internal Culture

The members of Eukarya are independent people who love learning and culture and have their own specialties. We are a group of people who deeply love not only geography and engineering, but also art, design, manga, anime, travel, outdoor activities, movies, and idols.

Because of this company culture, we try to respect each person's likes and specialties and their time as much as possible as a company, both from a cultural and institutional perspective.


If you are interested in the future of Re:Earth and would like to engage in friendly competition with diverse members, we look forward to hearing from you.