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Eukarya aims for a culturally rich and prosperous future by preserving and utilizing all kinds of data worldwide.

Through an advanced data system unlike any before, we aim to capture and visualize diverse memories and records that existing services cannot handle, creating new value and connections.

Eukarya Products

We aim to build an ecosystem centered around Re:Earth. Currently, the demand and scale of projects for each Re product are rapidly expanding, and we are actively seeking excellent engineers to join us.


Re:Earth is an open-source WebGIS platform with high extensibility and an intuitive UI.

  • Create and publish 3D web map applications without code
  • Visualize various location information and 3D models on a 3D globe
  • First WebGIS to feature a "plugin system," allowing external developers to extend the UI

Re:Earth is also open-source. We aim to widely provide and communicate the value created with contributors, presenting our activities at global conferences such as FOSS4G.

Since 2023, Re:Earth has been adopted as the base system for the PLATEAU VIEW project led by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism (MLIT) (see PR Times).

Re:Earth CMS

Re:Earth CMS is an open-source headless CMS that allows flexible schema definition, management of various files and data, and distribution via API.

  • Flexible data structure definition
  • Detailed data version management
  • Features for data publishing and integration with external applications, enabling coordination with user-specific systems and existing services

While Re:Earth has focused on "richer and easier expression of user-held data," the challenge of maintaining, organizing, and managing diverse data became apparent. Re:Earth CMS was developed to address this issue.

The goal of Re:Earth CMS is to be a general-purpose data management system including GIS data that allows for the management of all types of data and coordination with users' existing systems.

Currently, Re:Earth CMS is implemented as PLATEAU CMS in the MLIT's PLATEAU project for managing various data. We are also aiming for a future SaaS release.

Re:Earth Flow

Traditionally, GIS data conversion has often been performed using a paid software called FME. While FME is highly functional, it is also very expensive and has been around for a long time.

To create a world where more people can easily convert data, we have started developing a cloud-native, open-source data conversion application. This is Re:Earth Flow.

The execution part of the process will be developed in Rust and will provide advanced UX such as real-time collaborative editing functions.

Research and Development of a New WebGIS Engine

With the development of technologies such as digital twins, WebAssembly, and WebGPU, a 3D WebGIS engine optimized for 3D urban models is needed.

Eukarya is researching and developing a new open-source WebGIS engine using Rust, focusing on multi-platform, high performance, and high rendering quality.

For more details, please refer to the following research report. ➔ 3D都市モデルに最適化されたWebGISエンジン開発に向けた基礎研究

Technology Stack Used in Re:Earth


  • React = TypeScript
  • GraphQL
  • WebGL (used by Cesium)
  • WebAssembly (plugin execution)


  • Go (DDD, Clean Architecture)
  • Rust (used in Re:Earth Flow)
  • GraphQL
  • MongoDB
  • OpenID Connect (Auth0)
  • Google Cloud (Cloud Run, GCS, PubSub, etc.)
  • Terraform

WebGIS Engine

  • TypeScript
  • Rust
  • WebGL/WebGPU
  • WebAssembly
  • Three.js

Development Team

The development team consists of members from Syria, America, Canada, China, India, and Japan. Communication within the development team is mainly in English (internal communication is primarily in English or the native language of each member).

We work together while recognizing and respecting the diverse aspects and differences of each individual, beyond just nationality and position.

In the fluid and autonomous environment typical of startups, we value the balance between flexibility and self-reliance.

Company Culture

Eukarya members are independent individuals who love academia and culture, with expertise in various fields. Our team includes people who deeply love not only geography and engineering but also arts, design, manga, anime, travel, outdoors, movies, idols, and otaku activities.

In such a company culture, we strive to respect each person's preferences, expertise, and time as much as possible from both cultural and institutional perspectives.

Company Blog

Eukarya note provides information such as Eukarya's press releases and the "Eukarya Observation Diary," which features people working at Eukarya. Currently, this content is available only in Japanese. Please take a look.

Engineering Blog

Our engineering team shares various technical information on Re:Earth Engineering. Please check it out.

Common Information

  • Employer: Eukarya Inc.
  • Employment type: Negotiable (full-time, contract, freelance, etc.)
  • Compensation: Preferential treatment based on skills, experience, and abilities, determined through consultation (salary guide: from 4.8 million yen per year for full-time employees)
  • Work location: Remote work available from anywhere in the world, such as from home
  • Office: Shibuya, Tokyo (occasional office attendance may be required as per job instructions)
  • Working hours: Full-time, 10:00 to 19:00, with a 1-hour lunch break (8-hour workday in principle; flexible working hours available upon consultation)
  • Monthly Input Day: One day per month dedicated to personal skill development through activities like reading or visiting exhibitions
  • Annual holidays: Complete two-day weekends, national holidays, New Year holidays, summer holidays, and condolence leave
  • Benefits: Complete social insurance, defined contribution pension (401k), remote work subsidy, book and equipment purchase subsidy, gender-neutral parental leave, childbirth congratulatory money, etc.

Benefits of Belonging to Eukarya

  • Developed products are released as open-source
  • Work with engineers from around the world (fluency in English is not mandatory)
  • Hone technical skills in a rapidly growing environment (including middleware development)
  • Flexible, diverse, and psychologically safe environment (monthly learning day, flexible working hours, parallel work with creative activities, academic research, hobbies, etc.)

Examples of Work at Eukarya

  • Design and development of complex UIs and a secure plugin execution platform using WebAssembly for no-code tools with React and TypeScript
  • Design and development of backends performing GIS data processing with Go and Rust, focusing on performance and UX
  • Research and development of a new map engine using Rust, WebAssembly, WebGL/WebGPU
  • And more

Recruitment Process

  1. Document screening: Apply by responding to the form via the "Apply" button on the page.
  2. 1~2 interviews: Conducted via Zoom.
  3. Coding test: For engineering positions only, to assess practical implementation skills.
  4. Offer after discussing conditions.

Casual Interview

For those who want to "hear more first" or "learn more in detail," we also conduct casual interviews.

If you wish to have a casual interview, please click the "Apply" button and write "Casual Interview Request" in the "Message to the Applicant" section of the form.


We look forward to receiving applications from those interested in the future that Re:Earth aims to create and working together with our diverse team members.